Previous Release - MMIXM v1.1.0
MMIXM Version 1.1.0 was officially released on March 16, 2018. The purpose of this release is to support early adopters and the MMIXM proof-of-concept activities.

A complete list of the changes since the v1.1.0 Release Candidate can be found in the file named 'RELEASE NOTES_v1.1.0_Changes.xlsx' in the release archive. Please use the following link to download.
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+ MMIXM v1.1.0 Primer
+ MMIXM v1.1.0 Schemas
+ MMIXM v1.1.0 Schema Documentation
+ MMIXM v1.1.0 Logical Model
+ MMIXM v1.1.0 Modeling Guidelines
MMIXM Development Updates
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Related data exchange models are being developed for other air transportation information domains.
AIXM - Aeronautical information that is in the scope of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)
iWXXM - Github link with resources covering meteorological data
FIXM - Dedicated to flight and flow data
AMXM - Specified for airport mapping databases (AMDB)
SWIM - Technology to facilitate greater sharing of Air Traffic Management (ATM) system information
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