MMIXM Asset Model
Today, various Operations & Maintenance (O&M) organizations within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) manages an asset in multiple ways. For example, two organizations may use the same terminology for different types of assets -- and vice versa. Common terms such as Facility Identifier are in some cases synonymous with Location Identifier, while Facility Identification Code (FIC) refers to something completely different and is identified in databases with terms such as FAC_CODE_FACILITY. In addition, organizations can have different ways of uniquely identifying an instance of an asset, but these asset identifiers are not globally unique.

Building a customized sub model for each FAA asset management system runs contrary to the benefits of a data standard, thus in MMIXM the asset is broadly defined to include inventoried parts, operationally deployed systems, and even enterprise web services.

Simply put, in MMIXM - any physical item and many virtual items are assets.

Describing an Asset: Using MMIXM

Benefits of the Asset Approach
This broad categorization of items as assets allows MMIXM to provide a common approach for information exchanges between systems (speaking the same “language”). Since MMIXM is intended to be used between systems, and not within a system, MMIXM allows for programs to align various internal classifications (systems, subsystems, equipment, module, etc.) as a MMIXM asset regardless of program specific nomenclature. System-specific mediators will provide automation to translate the data within each system into a MMIXM format, which can be read by any other system using their own mediator.

This robust flexibility allows a single MMIXM message to pass information on any asset hierarchy. Whether that is an entire system, a sub-section of a system, an assembly, a material – or even down to a screw!

Every asset in a MMIXM message can have associated information, including:
  • Facility, Service, and Equipment Profile (FSEP) (e.g., FAC, FIC)
  • Identification
  • Location
  • Inventory
  • Organization
  • Association with another asset (e.g., part of, connected to, interface with, etc.)
  • Monitoring event
Asset Associations
MMIXM allows users to associate one asset to another. The model provides generic relationship names in addition to Remote Monitoring and Logging System (RMLS) terminology. This message structure enables a user to show not just the configuration of an asset (e.g., X system is made up of Y pieces of equipment), but how it the asset interacts with other assets.
MMIXM Development Updates
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