AGMG -  Air to Ground Media Gateway
AITS -  Automated Inventory Tracking System
AMMS -  Automated Maintenance Management System
AOV -  Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service
CMA -  Configuration Management Automation
ESM -  Enterprise Service Monitoring
FAA -  Federal Aviation Administration
FIC -  Facility Identification Code
FSEP -  Facility, Service, and Equipment Profile
LCSS -  Logistics Center Support System
LMS (eLMS) -  Learning Management System
MMIXM -  Maintenance Management Information Exchange Model
NAS -  National Airspace
NLN -  National Logging Network
NRN -  National Remote Maintenance Monitoring Network
O&M -  Operations & Maintenance
RMLS -  Remote Monitoring and Logging System
STDDS -  SWIM Terminal Data Distribution System
MMIXM Development Updates
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Related data exchange models are being developed for other air transportation information domains.
AIXM - Aeronautical information that is in the scope of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)
iWXXM - Github link with resources covering meteorological data
FIXM - Dedicated to flight and flow data
AMXM - Specified for airport mapping databases (AMDB)
SWIM - Technology to facilitate greater sharing of Air Traffic Management (ATM) system information
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