Maintenance Management Information Exchange Model
Maintenance Management Information Exchange Model (MMIXM) is an FAA data standard which is aimed to support the exchange of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) information between National Airspace (NAS) systems and services. The use of standardized maintenance data improves data quality and availability between existing systems and stakeholders. This provides a foundation for a new generation of maintenance related systems and enables operational benefits such as increased efficiencies and situational awareness.
MMIXM capabilities included:
  • Enables harmonization of data exchange between numerous disparate O&M systems into a consistent, usable, familiar and well-documented format
  • Facilitates creating, sharing, and integrating O&M data by providing stakeholders with documentation containing the context and format of data elements
  • Supports development of new generation of O&M-related tools by the establishment of transformation rules necessary for SWIM data exchange operations
  • Clarifies ambiguous meanings, documents business rules, and provides the foundation for reducing redundant data and improving data integrity across the entire NAS
MMIXM Development Updates
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Related data exchange models are being developed for other air transportation information domains.
AIXM - Aeronautical information that is in the scope of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)
iWXXM - Github link with resources covering meteorological data
FIXM - Dedicated to flight and flow data
AMXM - Specified for airport mapping databases (AMDB)
SWIM - Technology to facilitate greater sharing of Air Traffic Management (ATM) system information
December 2021
MMIXM v2.1.0 Final Release
MMIXM Version 2.1.0 Final Release was officially released on December 31, 2021. The purpose of this release is to support RMLS Logical Unit and Data Point monitoring messages.
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